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EnviroSmart Reports - Phase 1 Contaminated Land


Phase 1 Contaminated Land Reports

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Phase 1 Contaminated Land Desktop Reports

EnviroSmart Reports are designed to assess whether a site has potential land quality issues, state who and what is at risk, and outline the solutions available.

They are the most cost effective way for you to meet local authority planning requirements and understand the risk arising from potential contamination or geotechnical hazards at the site.

Contamination may be present at a site (in the ground and/or in the underlying groundwater) as a result of a historic or current industrial use.

A developer is responsible for ensuring that the proposed use is safe and suitable for use for the purpose for which it is intended.

EnviroSmart Reports provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of land quality hazards which may be present and are ideal for planning applications.

We provide a range of assessment levels based on the requirements of your regulator, the former use of the Site and the nature of the development proposal.

We’ve made choosing the right report for you as simple as possible by offering a tiered report range designed to build on detail as required.

Reports are based on the following assumptions:

  • Site location plan and proposed development plans are available
  • An intrusive site investigation is not required
  • Advance payment is made

If you are not sure which report is right for you, or if your site does not fit the above assumptions, we may still be able to assist.

Please get in touch and we’ll be glad to provide all the help and support you need.


  • Well presented, clear, concise and conclusive report
  • ‘Traffic light’ risk rating for easy interpretation
  • Each report includes a Preliminary Risk Assessment in line with best practice and regulatory guidance:
    • Environment Agency’s CLR11 guidance: Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination
    • CIRIA C552: Contaminated Land Risk Assessment – A Guide to Good Practice
  • Includes consultation with Local Authority
  • Clear recommendations are given allowing you to move forward with your plans quickly


  • Produced by specialist consultancy team with over 15 years’ experience
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Low fixed price, great quality and fast delivery
  • Premium turnaround options available

EnviroSmart FAQs

What is a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Report?

A Phase 1 Contaminated Land Report is a literature-based review designed to give an overview of the risk of land or groundwater contamination to end-users (house occupiers or workers) and the immediate environment.

A Phase 1 Study collates relevant information from a variety of sources relating to the setting of the site and its previous historical uses. The end product is an interpretive report that contains a qualitative risk assessment, including a conceptual site model that describes the potentially significant sources of contamination, receptors and pathways.

The study involves multiple sources of information often including Ordnance Survey maps, geological and groundwater vulnerability maps, aerial photographs, local and national archives, and newspapers and registers held by relevant regulatory agencies. A site walkover (land investigation) may be required to support the collated desk-based information, to provide details of the current condition of the site, and to gather evidence of potential contamination. When a site walkover is requested, we will generally conduct the walkover following the initial desk study to ensure a ‘best value’ approach in meeting regulations and individual report needs.

What does a Phase 1 Report contain?

A Phase 1 Study collates relevant information from a variety of sources relating to the site setting and its previous historical uses. The end product is an interpretive report that describes the likely presence of any contamination within the subsurface, and the potential risks that this may pose to future site users and the immediate environment. A site walkover may be required to support the desk study information and to provide greater certainty in the report findings.

Who are Phase 1 Contaminated Land Reports intended for?

  • Property developers
  • Self-build
  • Property professionals such as architects, planning consultants and land agents
  • Lawyers and solicitors
  • Lenders, banks or mortgage providers
  • Businesses
  • Insurance companies

Why might a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Report be required?

  • Validating planning applications
  • Meeting planning conditions
  • For land and property purchase
  • For the sale or divestment of a site
  • Due diligence
  • Lending, mortgages, pension funds
  • Business risk assessment

Can contaminated land affect the development process?

If land is highlighted by the local planning authority as potentially being contaminated, the authority’s Contaminated Land Officer is likely to impose a planning condition that an assessment must be completed for clarification. Until that assessment has been completed and accepted by the Contaminated Land Officer, the development should not proceed.

Who is responsible or has a duty of care in contaminated land issues?

The original polluter of the land is officially the person or organisation responsible for any liabilities relating to land contamination. As the pollution may have occurred decades earlier, potentially prior to legislation, this person or organisation may never be found and it is therefore the new owner who will be responsible. It is essential that the person responsible for undertaking the property purchase or development, and their legal advisor, understands the degree of risks and potential financial implications.

Each local authority has a general responsibility for identifying and deciding on necessary actions in relation to contaminated land in its area. Land can potentially be sold when contaminated and the responsibility may end up being passed onto the new owner, or indeed a bank or mortgage lender if the new purchaser was to default. In summary, professional advice should always be sought prior to purchase on any previously developed land.

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