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November 2015

Understanding climate change

Climate change data Significant fluctuations in natural climatic conditions occur over time as evidenced by the geological record and Antarctic ice cores which show a range of -10 C to +6 C over the last 800,000 years relative to current […]
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Understanding groundwater flood risk

What is groundwater flooding? Groundwater flooding occurs when sub-surface water emerges from the ground at the surface or into Made Ground and structures. This may be as a result of persistent rainfall that recharges aquifers until they are full; or […]
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Shropshire Council looking to install sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) across Shropshire

First SuDS measure in ‘Slow the Flow’ project is completed Shropshire Council has announced the completion of the first in a series of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to be implemented across the county. Shropshire Council is working in partnership with […]
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‘State of Building Trade Survey’ reveals growing skills shortage in construction industry

Quarterly figures show 60% of small building firms are struggling to hire bricklayers The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has warned that a “skills time bomb” in the construction industry is threatening the government’s ambition to increase home ownership and […]
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“Planning in England is at a crux point,” says British Property Federation

“Cuts in local planning departments are undermining central government’s ambitions for the delivery of new housing,” says Royal Town Planning Institute Three separate surveys on planning were published last month, two of which reviewed the current state of the planning […]
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CIRIA discusses sustainable drainage systems and green infrastructure

“Greening grey infrastructure: from innovation to implementation” CIRIA organised a webinar this week on sustainable drainage systems and the idea of using ‘green infrastructure’ and nature to manage flood risk. The event provided an overview of the current research and […]
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London’s Mayor aims to build 200,000 homes on brownfield sites in East London

‘City in the East’ master plan shows how London is moving eastwards London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched a ‘City in the East’ master plan which explains how major development should take place in London with the aim of building […]
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