CIRIA publishes new edition of the SuDS Manual

“The one-stop shop for the delivery of sustainable drainage systems”

CIRIA has published a revised edition of the SuDS Manual which it describes as the “one-stop shop for the delivery of SuDS” and “the most comprehensive industry SuDS guidance available in the UK.” First published by CIRIA in 2007, the revised guidance focuses on the cost-effective planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

CIRIA says “sustainable drainage systems recognise the value of rainwater, seeking to capture, use, delay or absorb it, rather than reject it as a nuisance or a problem. Sustainable drainage delivers multiple benefits. As well as delivering high quality drainage whilst supporting areas to cope better with severe rainfall, SuDS can also improve the quality of life in developments and urban spaces by making them more vibrant, visually attractive, sustainable and resilient to change by improving urban air quality, regulating building temperatures, reducing noise and delivering recreation and education opportunities.”

The updated SuDS Manual (C753) incorporates the latest research, industry practice and guidance. CIRIA says: “In delivering SuDS there is a requirement to meet the framework set out by the Government’s ‘non statutory technical standards’ and the revised SuDS Manual complements these but goes further to support the cost effective delivery of multiple benefits.”

CIRIA’s Paul Shaffer says: “The SuDS Manual reflects CIRIA’s stance that well designed SuDS deliver multiple benefits, as well as manage local flood risk. The Manual is the cornerstone of CIRIA’s work on SuDS that includes the BeST project (Benefits of SuDS Tool), susdrain, CIRIA’s SuDS training and extensive catalogue of SuDS related guidance. CIRIA is also developing future work to improve SuDS construction, planning and assessment providing the industry with the competence and confidence to embrace SuDS fully.”

Water Briefing says the new manual has been welcomed by industry experts for “heralding a more pragmatic approach that could help to get more SuDS schemes delivered in future.” The publication was helped by a project steering group which provided valuable industry input, and the revised manual includes chapters devoted to proprietary treatment systems and flow control techniques.

The explanatory text and illustrations for those chapters were provided by Hydro International, and its Stormwater Regional Technical Manager, Mark Goodger, was a member of the project steering group. He commented: “CIRIA are to be commended on delivering an excellent document through widespread industry consultation. I would urge every consulting engineer and local authority to take note of the updated document, which will no doubt continue to be a seminal reference guide not only in the design of new developments, but also for local planning and lead local flood authorities as they interpret and implement schemes locally in the light of the regulations in place in England, Scotland and Wales.”

The updated SuDS Manual (C753) was released on 12 November. The publication was collaboratively funded and is free to download from the CIRIA website.

1. CIRIA is the Construction Industry Research and Information Association. It is an independent, not-for-profit association whose aim is to link organisations with common interests and to facilitate a range of collaborative activities that help to improve the construction industry.