GeoSmart achieves SiLC accreditation

We have strengthened our quality credentials on contaminated land expertise and report analysis, with our accreditation as a Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC).

SiLC accreditationOur Product Director Chris Taylor has attained SiLC status, regarded as the most esteemed level of technical excellence for land quality assessment. Recognising Chris’s many years as a seasoned environmental data and consultancy leader, the accreditation underlines our commitment to growing and retaining the very best team to support our clients.

A registered SiLC is a senior practitioner who has a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues, providing impartial and professional advice in their field of expertise.

The SiLC Register recognises the skills of those working in the broader land condition sector. Usually open only to professionals with considerable years of experience, they must have solid knowledge of the complete property life cycle and related specialisms including drainage, flood risk, invasive species and asbestos.

Only a SiLC can complete the Land Condition Record (LCR) which is a standard summary of what has happened to a site in terms of contamination assessment and remediation.

Entry to SiLC is gained through examination, which is held bi-annually and is achieved through interview and peer review.
SiLC practitioners are guided by a clear code of conduct, supporting many of the values that we hold dear. These include:

  • upholding and promoting the integrity of their profession.
  • exercising honesty, diligence and impartiality in their professional work.
  • seeking to understand and comply with all legislation/standards in the country in which they are practising.
  • not allowing conflict of interests to influence their professional decisions and judgement, make all bodies concerned aware of such conflicts.
  • continually working to maintain and improve their knowledge using a combination of training and practical work, and give reasonable assistance to candidates wishing to enter the profession.
  • maintaining and enhancing levels of proficiency, both individually and throughout the profession.

By applying these values in our report writing, product development and compliance oversight, we ensure that we are operating at the highest level to deliver value for our clients and upholding the SiLC mission.

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