Webinar: Towards improved SuDS assessments – 29 Nov 16

Join our webinar: Towards improved SuDS assessments – a discussion forum for LLFAs to promote successful outcomes in planning applications

29 November 2016, 3pm-4pm (UK time)

Who should sign up

This webinar is designed for Lead Local Flood Authority Officers and Flood Risk Managers in Local Authorities to discuss and share approaches on drainage information within planning conditions for developers. By sharing our understanding and examining GeoSmart’s national SuDS suitability data and reports, we can collectively enhance guidance provided to developers, architects and planning consultants for better decision making. We can ensure that planning applications include the correct information in a suitable format for each stage of an application to support easy LLFA assessment.

What will be covered?

The agenda will focus on an open discussion around the following topics.

  • Existing Drainage Guidance and how this is communicated to developers
  • An example approach: Northamptonshire County Council with guest speaker – Ruth Burnham, Senior Flood and Water Officer
  • Adoption of SuDS and ongoing maintenance
  • Understanding SuDS options
  • The role that SuDS data plays in the process – a case study of GeoSmart’s SuDSmart reports
  • Can we define a more common approach?
  • Towards consensus & The House of Lords Spring 17 Review
  • Open Q&A

We would be happy to include advance questions if you would like to submit these ahead of the event either via the registration form or via email.

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Speaker biographies

Dr Paul Ellis - Innovation DirectorDr Paul Ellis – Innovation Director
Paul is very experienced in water management and understanding the interaction between groundwater and surface water systems. He has been responsible for the investigation of flood risk, drainage and environmental risk assessment relating to property development, water resources, mineral extraction, landfill and other industries.

Paul is responsible for innovation and development of new environmental data and services for GeoSmart Information. He has worked on groundwater and surface water investigations throughout the UK and has extensive experience of sustainable drainage, including being a member of the project steering group for Susdrain.


Ruth Burnham, Senior Flood and Water Officer

Ruth Burnham – Senior Flood and Water Officer, Northamptonshire County Council

Ruth is a Senior Flood and Water Officer working for Northamptonshire County Council.  Her role covers a range of duties in order to ensure that the Council fulfils its roles and responsibilities as Lead Local Flood Authority. These duties mainly include overseeing the Surface Water Drainage Statutory Consultee role; managing community flood mitigation schemes; community liaison and providing advice and guidance to councillors, members of the public, developers and riparian owners; and managing or contributing to strategic projects such as the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, Ground Water Flood Risk Study and Surface Water Management Plans.

Ruth has worked at the Council for almost five years, following a Civil Engineering degree and five years in consultancy undertaking Flood Risk Assessments and hydraulic modelling.