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July 2018

Sewers for Adoption: SuDS at the Heart of New Development

Water UK has just released the 8th edition of Sewers for Adoption, providing clearer guidance for developers on what Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can be adopted. Its publication marks a significant moment in the history of SuDS and could lead […]
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Susdrain Awards: The Best in SuDS Design

We were delighted to attend the annual Susdrain Awards in London this week, as part of our commitment to supporting and recognising the best in SuDS design. Susdrain is a community that provides a range of resources for practitioners involved […]
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Surface Water Management Plan: Better Mapping and Data is Key

The Government this week released its Surface Water Action Plan, aiming to tackle surface water flooding which affects up to 3.2 million properties in England. It seeks to bring our preparedness more closely into line with that from main rivers […]
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SuDS in Wales: Mandatory Implementation set for January 2019

Following a series of consultations on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), the Welsh Minister for Environment has now signed the Commencement Order. This brings Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 into force in Wales. From January 7 […]
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Disgusting in Tunbridge Wells: Chaos as Surface Flooding hits

The Pantiles district of Tunbridge Wells in Kent is an attractive tiled street of shops and tea rooms that has been a popular tourist destination since Tudor times. Almost a year to the day, the same area has been hit […]
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What is a contaminated land risk assessment?

Contaminated land contains substances that are actually or potentially hazardous to health or the environment. A contaminated land assessment is used to evaluate the potential for a pollution linkage and to consider the level of risk and whether any actions […]
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How do Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) work?

Sustainable Drainage systems (SuDS) have a key role in planning conditions now with many local authorities. They form part of flood risk management plans in determining new build development and also help improve the spaces where we live, work and […]
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