Wessex Water using GeoSmart Data for New Development Assessments

We are pleased to report that GeoSmart has delivered groundwater and soil infiltration data layers to Wessex Water as part of their new development connection assessments.

As developers approach the West Country water company, there is a need to assess in detail the proposed scheme and how it will connect to the sewer and surface water network. Wessex join a number of other water utility companies, such as Thames Water and Anglian Water, Local Authorities and insurance companies including Flood Re, that use GeoSmart data.

Wessex Water has an obligation to accept new connections, but want to do so in accordance with the provisions of the Flood and Water Management Act and to ensure that the scheme design is appropriate to site drainage conditions. Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can form a key part of these proposals and are being actively encouraged by DEFRA.

GeoSmart Data Supports Adoption Decisions

The Sewers for Adoption guidance gives developers the option of requesting water companies to adopt elements of SuDS. It will be implemented in summer 2019 when the waste adoption codes can come into operation. Elements of SuDS will then be maintained by the water companies.

Ahead of this, Wessex Water is using GeoSmart’s GW5 Groundwater Flood Risk Map, as well as their SD50 SuDS Infiltration Map, in order to better understand ground conditions alongside submitted proposals by developers.

GeoSmart GW5 is the definitive groundwater flood risk map data with unparalleled detail for clearer decisions on the best site location for developments that could be impacted by terrain and “ponding” of groundwater.

GeoSmart SD50 provides an assessment of the capacity of the ground to receive surface water infiltration depending on the nature, thickness and permeability of the underlying material and the depth to the high groundwater table.

Part of the assessment by Wessex Water includes the feasibility of proposed SuDS features and how they will interact with the groundwater system. Their recent video  emphasizes the critical relationship of groundwater with development schemes and how it can impact on drainage suitability options. It is essential to prevent groundwater entering the sewer system and reducing capacity.

We are delighted to have provided Wessex Water with core drainage datasets as part of their new development surface water connections assessments said Paul Ellis, Managing Director, GeoSmart Information.

The combination of GW5 groundwater and SD50 infiltration data ensures the best and most detailed appraisal available on inter-relationship between ground conditions with the different SuDS options proposed by the developer. Going forward, if Wessex Water adopt these, they will want the confidence that the SuDS will work effectively for the long term and account for climate change adaption too. “