Geology Datasets: GeoSmart Strengthens Offering for Clients

The British Geological Society (BGS) has been a key data partner of ours since we started to provide environmental and drainage reports 5 years ago. We have recently further strengthened our relationship with the BGS through becoming a licensed reseller of their geology datasets. 

It is clear that many of our clients have bespoke data requirements for their sites, which initial desktop reports can flag up the need to look at in more detail. Equally, clients are also looking for geology datasets that they can incorporate into their own GIS and land mapping systems in-house, as they prepare development schemes for planning submission.

In response, we are delighted to announce that a new and extensive portfolio of geology datasets is now available from GeoSmart. These include:

  • Groundwater: Permeability, depth, and aquifers
  • Environmental Chemistry: Soil and sediment chemical data
  • Geology: Map layers from 10-250K including bedrock geology, superficial deposits, deposit thickness, artificial ground, faults, mass movement deposits & linear features, boreholes and shafts
  • Ground Conditions: Extensive Civils database, highlighting bulking volume and ability to excavate soils, corrosiveness, foundation conditions, rock strength and resistance
  • GeoSure Hazard data: Non-coal mining, coastal vulnerability, collapsible and compressible deposits, soluble rocks, landslides, running sand, shrink swell and radon potential
  • Minerals: deposits and historic extraction permissions across 240K entries.

Data can be cookie-cut by site boundaries or its immediate vicinity, on a portfolio basis for multiple sites, or on a national basis as a data layer. We are also able to analyse data on behalf of our clients, accessing our in-house expertise.

Paul Ellis, Managing Director of GeoSmart Information said: “In addition to providing combined data on specific sites in summary desktop reports, we are responding to our clients needs by delivering flexible data packages that work with their own project systems. This ensures a more bespoke approach to identifying unique site issues that could affect project viability or provide the most suitable design response to meet planning and topography conditions.”

GeoSmart’s Geology Datasets are available now. For a detailed discussion on your specific project’s data needs, call us now on 01743 298100 or email