GeoSmart apprentice succeeds in becoming company’s future Business Administrator

GeoSmart apprentice Jasmine Spender-Jones has been appointed the position of Business Administrator, a role she will undertake once her apprenticeship concludes this Summer.

Jasmine began her apprenticeship with GeoSmart in April 2021 after enrolling through a scheme provided by Shrewsbury College.

Martin Lucass, GeoSmart’s commercial director and Jasmine’s line manager, said:

“Since Jasmine joined us a year ago, she has been a fantastic addition to our team. She is now responsible for our business administration and has become an important part of the sales team, communicating with our existing clients and bringing in new customers.

Answering questions on her apprenticeship experience with GeoSmart, Jasmine also revealed how the position has changed the future of her career path. 

Get to know Jasmine…

Why did you choose to enrol in an apprenticeship? 

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I loved the idea of learning on the job, as well as earning money!


Why did you apply for the apprenticeship with GeoSmart? 

I really liked the look of GeoSmart and have a strong interest in the environmental industry. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to increase my knowledge in this area.


Could you describe your role as Business Administrator and what a typical day would look like for you? 

A typical day in the office consists of me responding to emails, creating proposals to send out to our clients, ordering environmental data, which is used in our reports, helping other members of staff, and finally, ensuring all admin tasks are completed.


What knowledge and experience have you gained from this position? 

I have gained knowledge on environmental reports and how they support sustainable development, together with a range of data products in areas of groundwater flood risk and sustainable drainage systems.


Are there any skills you have improved or acquired whilst in this apprenticeship? 

My communication skills have improved dramatically whilst working here due to my confidence increasing. My confidence gets stronger every day as I learn more about the different types of products we sell.


Could you describe what you have enjoyed/gained from working with the GeoSmart team? 

I have enjoyed building strong relationships with my colleagues and feel very valued here as a Business Administrator.


Has this apprenticeship changed the career path you wish to follow? 

Certainly! After a year of working here, I definitely see myself continuing to expand my knowledge in the environmental industry once my apprenticeship has ended.


What are your ambitions after the apprenticeship concludes? 

I am extremely happy to have been offered a full time job here once my apprenticeship comes to an end. I will look into more qualifications I can gain to help my career and knowledge develop in the future.