Environmental influence outlined in new CPD for project managers

Project managers wanting to understand the effects and mitigation measures of environmental constraints including flood risk and surface water drainage can now undertake a specialist GeoSmart CPD. 

Created by leading environmental specialist, the course is aimed at construction professionals who are looking to integrate environmental data into the planning and execution of building works. 

Professionals looking to understand the different types of environmental constraints and opportunities can join the first broadcast of this CPD Webinar on 28 May 2024, 12.00 – 1.00pm for FREE.

The CPD will cover the following key environmental constraints:

  • Surface water and foul drainage management and design
  • Contaminated land
  • Flood risk

Ben Mowl, Sales Manager at GeoSmart said: “From site layout to construction cost/time, maintenance liabilities and future value, environmental conditions can heavily influence construction. Therefore, it’s fundamental to understand the true picture. We’ve created our new CPD with this in mind.”

“Environmental factors should be considered as part of the site selection and due diligence process. Understanding the environmental risk at an early stage will allow effective mitigation and cost control.

GeoSmart is a Midlands-based flood risk, drainage, groundwater and contaminated land specialist that provides research, data and reporting to the planning, insurance, financial, public and environmental sectors. Its groundbreaking FloodSmart Analytics tool maps the impact and costs associated with groundwater and as a result, is challenging the way we look at flood risks across the UK.

Register for the webinar here.