Rising Tides, Rising Strategies: Future proofing a flood resilient real estate portfolio

With climate change leading to warmer, wetter winters and increased flash flooding, the risks to business operations and property values are escalating.

Taking proactive steps now can mitigate these risks and provide asset and investment managers a competitive edge.

Anticipating changes in insurability, valuations, and climate reporting requirements entails that early action not only safeguards against potential losses, but also establishes a strategic advantage in navigating the changing landscape of real estate and infrastructure asset management.

Real estate and finance professionals looking to understand these risks can now sign up for GeoSmart’s CPD Webinar on 23 May 2024, 12.00 – 1.00pm for FREE.

The CPD will cover the following key environmental constraints:

  • Flood risk in the UK – Overview of flooding and the 4 different sources of flood
  • Climate change scenarios – How pathways are forecast and what is happening in the UK
  • Impacts on commercial real estate assets – What could potentially happen to the asset value
  • Options for asset managers: A UK Case Study – What to do with assets at high risk from flood
  • Flood risk for ESG reporting – Guidance on standards and reporting

Register for the webinar here.