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GeoSmart Data

Groundwater flood risk information and forecasting services for the insurance market

Groundwater flooding is one of the most costly natural hazards facing UK insurers. High susceptibility to groundwater flooding is recognised as one of the highest risks to infrastructure assets in England. It accounts for more than £200m of all flood risk damage to property in the UK, and GeoSmart’s data is now widely used in residential and commercial property due diligence searches.

Our innovative approach to meeting customer needs has led to the development of the UK’s first groundwater flood forecasting service which provides an early alert to groundwater flood events.

GeoSmart’s map provides assessment of risk across England, Wales and Scotland. It combines authoritative science, quality assured models and the best available data from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and other organisations. It provides property and address level flood risk data across the UK and can be incorporated alongside other river and coastal flood data to provide a complete picture of flood risk.

Insurers increasingly require advanced warning of impending flood events. Our 30 day flood forecasting service provides a daily alert to groundwater levels and the risk of flooding in the next 30 days. This provides unique insight in future events which can be used to improve claims management and handling.


  • Authoritative
  • UK coverage
  • Quality assured
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Likelihood and severity of flooding
  • Property and address level data
  • 30 day forecast of groundwater flood risk

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