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Unlocking the land – brownfield land fund

Earlier this year, the Government announced, along with a package of other measures, a £1.2 billion Starter Home Land Fund to prepare more brownfield land for starter homes. The aim is to ensure local authorities have the opportunity to use […]
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Landmark Information Group enhance flood risk analysis with GeoSmart’s 5m groundwater dataset

The leading environmental data provider continues its successful partnership to provide improved insight for property professionals and consultants. GeoSmart Information and Landmark Information Group have signed a new agreement to offer more detail on groundwater flood risk at the individual […]
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National Flood Review – Short term solutions that miss wider flood risk

The latest Defra Review on the UK’s flood defences has underlined that more than a short term fix is required with flood management for people and property – yet this is what it is proposing right now. The Review underlines […]
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Options for SuDS – Managing the Flow

Different ground conditions reveal different underlying geology and site history, including past quarrying or made ground. When considering a site for potential development, often very local and variable conditions mean that surface water must be managed in the most effective […]
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High Court supports Council sustainable drainage conditions on planning permission

The Court of Appeal has recently dismissed an application for judicial review of a local planning authority’s decision to approve a drainage scheme. The Council required the developer to meet “sustainable drainage principles” and imposed a set of conditions to […]
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Flood Risk Guide

Whilst well understood, flooding has many faces and large amounts of complex planning guidance. Here’s a handy flood risk guide to help you design your scheme alongside your client and with flood risk in mind: In the UK, the most […]
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Sustainable Drainage – A Tightening Regime Requiring Duty of Care

The Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 sought to enshrine Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and national standards for drainage across both new and existing property. This was replaced by the National Planning Policy Framework in 2012, which has now […]
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Climate Change and UK Infrastructure: “A Cascade of Risks”

In a 2,000-page report, the Climate Change Committee outlines clearly that the UK is ill-prepared for the impact of long term climate change on our communities. Critical infrastructure could be destroyed by flooding, while soil quality will deplete through poor, […]
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Environmental Audit Committee Report: More Sustainable, long term strategy needed by Government

Largely unnoticed thanks to a media dominated by the EU Referendum, The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has published a report finding that the Government is failing to protect communities at risk of flooding. The Government’s National Flood Resilience Review was […]
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Castle Debate: Agriculture and Climate Change – Impacts and Solutions

GeoSmart was once again was proud to support another in a fascinating series of Castle Debates – this time on the uneasy relationship between agriculture and climate change. Farming generates greenhouse gases throughout its supply chain, yet it received little […]
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