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EFRA committee review: time to act on SuDS

We were delighted to contribute to the consultation published in a recent report (26 April 2017) by the EFRA Committee inquiry into how effectively the Government has implemented the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Specifically, we are focussed on […]
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Making our nation more flood resilient

Innovation Director, Paul Ellis, attended a Public Policy Exchange conference last week looking at designing effective flood strategies and solutions for our communities. His observations show that, as a nation, we are some way off co-ordinating an effective and holistic […]
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Understanding sustainable drainage systems

The impact of development Urbanisation poses a significant flood risk because of the reduction in the amount of rainfall which can soak away into the ground. An increase in impermeable area on site will result in greater rainfall runoff, essentially […]
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Understanding climate change

Climate change data Significant fluctuations in natural climatic conditions occur over time as evidenced by the geological record and Antarctic ice cores which show a range of -10 C to +6 C over the last 800,000 years relative to current […]
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Understanding groundwater flood risk

What is groundwater flooding? Groundwater flooding occurs when sub-surface water emerges from the ground at the surface or into Made Ground and structures. This may be as a result of persistent rainfall that recharges aquifers until they are full; or […]
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