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GeoSmart wins Geovation Challenge for Sustainable Catchments

We are delighted to announce that GeoSmart has won this year’s Ordnance Survey Geovation Challenge. The theme this year was ‘Water’, held last weekend at the Ordnance Survey HQ in Southampton. Our Chairman Mark Fermor and Consultant Steve Buss, competed […]
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Toxic timebomb from landfill site flood risk

With sea level rises and greater surface flood risk, experts have warned that thousands of old landfills could become compromised and leach a cocktail of chemicals into water courses, beaches and streets. The UK has more than 21,000 historic landfills […]
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House of Lords urge more proactive SuDS guidance

In the second of two consecutive blogs, we summarise the key outputs from the House of Lords National Policy for the Built Environment Committee meeting. Turning to the impact of climate change, the committee was fully behind the need for […]
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Understanding site viability for development

Brownfield land is often seen as the solution to solving the housing crisis. While Authority planners will give preference to brownfield redevelopment, builders will be rightly concerned that the land could come with a financial as well as physical health […]
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Castle Debates: Meeting the need for more housing without environmental damage

We were delighted to support and speak at the latest Castle Debates event, held at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) head office in Parliament Square. The debate focused on the supply and demand for housing, issues and innovations […]
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Making our nation more flood resilient

Innovation Director, Paul Ellis, attended a Public Policy Exchange conference last week looking at designing effective flood strategies and solutions for our communities. His observations show that, as a nation, we are some way off co-ordinating an effective and holistic […]
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National flood resilience review to consider better upstream water management

Ministers have been forced to bow to public criticism over its ability cope with extreme weather episodes, such as the one which left hundreds of people washed out of their homes in Keswick and Carlisle this month. The result? A major […]
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Understanding groundwater flood risk

What is groundwater flooding? Groundwater flooding occurs when sub-surface water emerges from the ground at the surface or into Made Ground and structures. This may be as a result of persistent rainfall that recharges aquifers until they are full; or […]
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