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CPD webinar: Understanding SuDS – 8th January 2020

Join our RIBA Approved CPD webinar: Understanding SuDS

8th January 2020, 12:00pm-1:00pm (UK time).RIBA CPD Providers Network

Who should sign up

Property developers, planners, architects, commercial property lawyers – anyone involved in the process of property transactions, management and development.

What will be covered?

This RIBA Assessed CPD will cover:

  1. The guidance and regulation regarding SuDS and new developments.
  2. What SuDS are and how they work.
  3. The need for SuDS and their benefits.
  4. How to assess a site’s suitability for SuDS.

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Speaker biography

Dr Paul Ellis - Innovation DirectorDr Paul Ellis – Managing Director
Paul is very experienced in water management and understanding the interaction between groundwater and surface water systems. He has been responsible for the investigation of flood risk, drainage and environmental risk assessment relating to property development, water resources, mineral extraction, landfill and other industries.

Paul is responsible for innovation and development of new environmental data and services for GeoSmart Information. He has worked on groundwater and surface water investigations throughout the UK and has extensive experience of sustainable drainage, including being a member of the project  steering group for Susdrain.