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GeoSmart GW200S

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Flood signs

Non-commercial groundwater flood risk screening – included with GeoSmart GW5.

We are passionate about promoting the impact of groundwater risk to a far wider audience in the UK. Authorities and businesses understand river, coastal and surface water flooding from the media but have limited understanding of the more hidden and delayed effects of groundwater flooding.

Our GW200S screening map provides a valuable overview of the areas that are most prone to groundwater flood risk for easy reference and to incorporate with other data on a non-commercial basis.

Easy to interpret risk ratings are displayed on an interactive map to assess priority areas. The GW200S map is produced from the detailed 5m grid groundwater flood risk model to indicate where there is a low, moderate or high risk within the 200m cell.

The map can be used for free to access public information purposes or as part of local authority community resilience planning.

GW200S is included for non-commercial use when you purchase GeoSmart GW5.


  • Adds value to public bodies’ information websites about area flood risk
  • Supports public information messaging campaigns on groundwater risk amongst other flood risks
  • Enables targeted assessment of higher risk areas for local authorities to review their assets
  • Works together with the highly detailed GeoSmart GW5
To discuss how you can use our GW200S screening map on a non-commercial basis for public information purposes contact us today.

Need more detailed, property specific analysis? Take a look at our 5m Groundwater Flood Risk Data Map.

GeoSmart GW200S

Incl.with GW5

Resolution: 200m
Not property specific
Elevation data: Standard
Coverage: Great Britain
Non-commercial licence