What are Flood Risk Assessments?

For architects, land surveyors and developers it can be essential to provide a flood risk assessment alongside planning permission applications. They support the site assessment development applications by looking at the risk and impact of flooding on a development site, helping to analyse the potential issues with building on sites, such as local areas having an increased chance of flooding.

For a development to take place, the flood risk assessment should prove that the site will remain safe in the future, taking the added effects of climate change into account when measuring the safety. When risks are found, the flood report can provide possible solutions to the risk of flooding on the development, helping you to plan and safely bypass these risks.

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Looking for the right Flood Risk Report package for you? At GeoSmart, we have three assessment options, all giving clear flood management options and fast delivery times to help you prepare to manage risks that may occur on developments. Find out more about our different report options below.

* pricing based on site size, location & complexity
Features includedFloodSmart
From £1,095+VAT*
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FloodSmart Plus
From £1,295+VAT*
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FloodSmart Pro
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Suitable for Flood Zone11, 2 and 31, 2 and 3
Professional opinion from expert flood risk consultants
Consultation with regulators
Fast delivery time (working days) **5-1020-3020-30
Review of strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA)
Clear Flood mitigation and management options
£5 million PI
Supports Architects, Developers, Planning Consultants and the Legal Market
Environment Agency model data analysis
Flood levels
Environment Agency Flood Defences
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* pricing based on site size, location & complexity
** Expedited turnarounds are available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

A Flood Risk Assessment is required for any planning application where the site of the proposed development is located within Flood Zones 2 or 3 as defined by the Environment Agency. Such sites are considered to be at risk of flooding and the Environment Agency and local planning authorities have the power to challenge planning applications that have not taken into account all of the flood risks involved.

A Flood Risk Assessment is also mandatory for sites of 1 hectare or greater in Flood Zone 1, and for smaller sites in an area within Flood Zone 1 which has critical drainage problems, as notified to the local planning authority by the Environment Agency. For further information on the relationship between Flood Zones and Flood Risk Assessments, see our news item Flood Zones Explained.

A Flood Risk Assessment should demonstrate how a proposed development will manage flood risk from all possible water sources to the site in question. Changes in flood risk to off-site locations as a consequence of development should also be considered with recommendations provided to avoid increasing such risk.

If your Site is in England, your site will be located in a Flood Zone as defined by the Environment Agency for planning purposes. To find out what Flood Zone your site is located in, input your postcode into the Environment Agency Flood Map available online.

If your Site is in Wales, your site will be located in a Flood Zone as defined by Natural Resources Wales for planning purposes. To find out what Flood Zone your site is located in, input your postcode into the Development Advice Map available online.

If your Site is in Scotland, your site will be located in a Flood Zone as defined by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for planning purposes. To find out what Flood Zone your site is located in, input your postcode into the Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Information Map available online.

  • House builders and developers
  • Property professionals such as architects, planning consultants and land agents
  • Lawyers and solicitors
  • Lenders, banks or mortgage providers
  • Businesses
  • Private individuals
  • Insurance companies

  • Validating planning applications
  • Meeting planning conditions
  • For land and property purchase
  • For the sale or divestment of a site
  • Due diligence
  • Lending, mortgages, pension funds
  • Business risk assessment

A FloodSmart Report for Sites located in Flood Zone 1 can be delivered in 5-10 working days.

Delivery of reports requiring EA, NRW or SEPA consultation and data (FloodSmart Plus and FloodSmart Pro) is dependent on their response times to supply such data, which can typically take up to 20 working days. Typically your flood risk report will be dispatched within 10 working days from receipt of the required data.

A premium delivery is available if your report is urgent – do get in touch and let us know.

Your report will be sent in electronic format as a .pdf file straight to your inbox, with hard copies available at an additional cost.

Local planning authorities are likely to request a Flood Risk Assessment for any site which is situated on the modelled flood plain, and within the vicinity of a fluvial or tidal watercourse.

Flood Risk Assessments are also requested in areas of low fluvial or tidal flood risk if a proposed development is over one hectare in size and/or lies within a critical drainage area.

Different levels of flood risk assessment reports are required for different purposes. We’ve therefore developed a range of products which are suited to meet the various needs of our clients. If you’re not sure which level of report you need please contact us at enquiries@geosmartinfo.co.uk.

Yes we can! These work using the same tier system as our FRAs for sites in England. More information on Welsh flood zones can be found on NRW’s website.

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Additional services available

  • Sequential Test
  • Exceptions Test
  • Basement Impact Assessment
  • Flood Modelling
  • Portfolio Screening
  • Flood Evacuation Plan
  • Groundwater FRA
  • Flood Consequence Assessment (Wales)
  • BREAAM Flood Risk Assesssment
  • Compensatory Floodplain Storage Analysis
  • Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Assessment
  • S19 reports

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