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The latest videos from GeoSmart Information

Breakfast Briefing: Essential New Drainage Guidance For Lawyers – Highlights

An overview of the key points from each presenter at the Sustainable Drainage Seminar for Lawyers in June 2016 (11 mins).

What are SuDS?
Dr Paul Ellis, GeoSmart Information

Our Innovation Director guides you through the role of SuDS, how they are designed and why they are important to manage surface water flooding  more sustainably (14 mins).

Drainage Guidance and the Planning Regime
John Bates, Barrister, Old Square Chambers

John shares his insight and expertise to review the history of drainage guidance, the current requirements for developers and assesses how this could impact on a lawyer’s duty of care (18 mins).

SuDSmart Reports for Commercial Property
Chris Taylor, GeoSmart Information

Our Product Development Director introduces the SuDSmart range of site drainage infiltration reports, using our unique groundwater and drainage datasets. Report Manager, Mike Piotrowski, then provides a demonstration of the data in action (21 mins).

SuDS – What should Solicitors do now?
Stephen Sykes, Sykes Environmental

Stephen considers what lawyers should do now as a result of the publication of the new important drainage guidance and the ever growing pressure from climate change and housing demand (13 mins).


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