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FloodSmart Reports - Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Report – FloodSmart GW

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FloodSmart Reports - Flood Risk Assessment

Groundwater Flood Risk Assessment Report

What does it solve?

GeoSmart’s Groundwater Reports are the first ever available to demonstrate the risk to a site from groundwater flooding. It provides  the most accurate method of screening and assessment at postcode level available.

The FloodSmart GW Plus Report is based on GeoSmart’s 5m Groundwater Flood Risk Map (GW5). It will screen for risk and then our highly experience hydrologists will investigate the physical and environmental setting, including local geology, groundwater levels and topography. As a further cost option, LIDAR data can be used for more complex sites.

Based on a simple traffic light system, the report is quick and easy to understand. Detailed guidance and clear recommendations on next steps are provided.


  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications, the acquisition or sale of land, as well as the insurability of a business or property
  • Quick turnaround options available
  • Low cost / fixed price


  • A clear and concise report
  • Traffic light categorisation of the sites groundwater flood risk
  • Exert from GeoSmart’s National Groundwater Flood Risk Map (GW5)
  • A review of customer-supplied documentary information
  • Physical and environmental setting review including a review of local geology, groundwater level data and topography (elevations based on Ordinance Survey map data)
  • The option to include highly accurate height data (usually LIDAR data) for more complex sites
  • Clear recommendations and next steps


Reports based on:

  • Site location plan and proposed development plans are available
  • Site walkover survey is not required
  • No intrusive site investigation is required
  • Advance payment is made
  • For more complex sites where highly accurate height data (usually LIDAR data) is deemed necessary to inform groundwater flood risk, it is assumed that data will either be supplied to GeoSmart, or GeoSmart is permitted to purchase the data on your behalf (a fee applies). If highly accurate height data is recommended but not included, the report findings and conclusions cannot be guaranteed. This is because the assessment of groundwater flood risk may be inconclusive without this level of topographical detail

If your site doesn’t fit these assumptions or you require a site walkover survey, we can still assist but please do get in touch as one of our other packages may suit you better.

FloodSmart GW

From £395+VAT

Groundwater Flood Risk Map
Detailed Assessment

Delivery and turnaround

Typically 5-10 working days (10 working days for sites where highly accurate height data is required).

Premium delivery option is available if report is urgent.

Report will be sent in electronic format as a .pdf file straight to your inbox.

Hard copies available at an additional cost.

* When purchased at the same time