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SuDSmart Reports - Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)

SuDS Report – SuDSmart Pro

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SuDSmart Reports - Sustainable Drainage Design (SuDS)

Sustainable Drainage Assessment (SuDS) Feasibility Report

What does it solve?

The SuDSmart Pro is the most detailed in our range of SuDS Reports designed to explore suitable SuDS options.

It includes all the features of our SuDSmart Plus Reports with the addition of an outline SuDS strategy to offset the increase in surface water runoff from a new development.

This report provides a next stage review of SuDS feasibility options, building on traditional drainage options as well as more modern and innovative approaches.

The report contains key calculations of increased runoff volumes/flows (allowing for Climate Change +30%) and attenuation storage volumes required to be considered for proposed SuDS scheme options.


  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years experience
  • Direct access to nationwide SuDS infiltration suitability information through GeoSmart’s innovative SuDS infiltration SD50 Map
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Quick turnaround options available
  • Low cost / fixed price


  • A clear and concise report
  • Traffic light categorisation of the sites suitability for infiltration SuDS
  • Extract from GeoSmart’s SuDS Infiltration Map
  • Hydrogeological review of the site
  • Estimation of the surface water runoff from the site before and after the proposed development
  • Recommended SuDS features in relation to the proposed site layout
  • Drainage recommendations in accordance with SuDS guidance
  • Thorough consultation with regulators where appropriate
  • Reports can be prepared according to the new British Standard for managing flood risk BS 8582:2013 Code of practice for surface water management for development sites
  • Clear recommendations are made

Technical information

  • A review of hydrological and hydrogeological context of the Site
  • Assessment of proposed scheme geometry and layout in the context of the adjacent surface water courses
  • Analysis of rainfall intensity data using the latest UK environmental datasets
  • Consultations with the Environment Agency Development Control Team and the Local Authority will inform an overview of any concerns regarding the proposals
  • Analysis of the available data in the context of the development
  • Surface water runoff calculations will be undertaken using the Institute of Hydrology (IH) 124 and Rational Methods
  • Using site specific data, the effects of climate change (e.g. increased rainfall) will be considered using the industry standard advice
  • Clear recommendations for a drainage strategy specific to the Site layout and topography
  • Details of the range of options for the attenuation of storm water runoff through the use of Sustainable Drainage techniques


From £995+VAT

SuDS Map and Summary
Run-off Amount
Preliminary Assessment
SuDS Strategy

Delivery and turnaround

Typically 15 working days

Premium delivery option is available if report is urgent.

Report will be sent in electronic format as a .pdf file straight to your inbox.

Hard copies available at an additional cost.

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