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SuDSmart Reports - Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)

SuDS Report – SuDSmart

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SuDSmart Reports - Sustainable Drainage Design (SuDS)

Sustainable Drainage Assessment (SuDS) Screening Report

What does it solve?

Lawyers have a Duty of Care to help their clients make informed decisions on buying and developing a site or property. Planning applications require the developer to explore suitable SuDS options, starting with infiltration drainage. Whether infiltration can be achieved or not depends on the capacity of the ground to receive water.

The SuDSmart Report is based on a comprehensive data set including GeoSmart’s innovative new SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50), showing a Site’s infiltration suitability (low, moderate, high) on a 50m grid, providing total confidence during the early conceptual design stage.

SuDSmart supports lawyers, developers and regulators during the early stages of planning, in creating and evaluating appropriate drainage options for a Site.

Based on a simple traffic light system (‘Go or No-Go approach’) the report is a quick and easy to understand and provides important advice for the next steps.

Includes information on the drainage hierarchy and the impact of flooding on SuDS systems.

Need more detail for a potential SuDs scheme? Our SuDSmart Plus Report provides more on potential infiltration issues, runoff volumes and flows for initial design and discussion with the regulator.

Technical information

  • Review of relevant regulatory guidance
  • Professional assessment of GeoSmart’s SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50) Map of the UK
  • Considerations for further work


Reports based on:

  • Site is required only to be reviewed for infiltration suitability
  • Site is equal to a single residential/small commercial building footprint
  • Site location plan and postcode is available
  • Site walkover survey is not required
  • Detailed design or feasibility assessment is not required
  • Advance payment is made

If your site doesn’t fit these assumptions or you require more detailed assessment, we can still assist but please do get in touch as one of our other packages may suit you better.


  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance
  • Quick turnaround options available
  • Low cost / fixed price
  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK


  • A clear and concise report
  • Traffic light categorisation of the sites suitability for infiltration SuDS, extracted from GeoSmart’s innovative SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50)
  • Site topography
  • River and groundwater flooding
  • Access to surface water course
  • Access to sewer course
  • Source protection zones
  • Clear recommendations and next steps


From £195+VAT

SuDS evaluation maps
and summary

Delivery and turnaround

Typically 5 working days

Premium delivery option is available if report is urgent

Report will be sent in electronic format as a .pdf file straight to your inbox

Hard copies available at an additional cost

SuDS Guidance Note

Guidance has been released for lawyers on drainage requirements for new build developments. Download it now.

* When purchased at the same time

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