The risk of physical risk and is a major concern for the financial sector and can result in ‘stranded assets’ which can be uninsurable. Damage and disruption from the impact of natural hazards can cost millions of pounds and devalue investments.

Insurers, reinsurers, banks, lenders and various other stakeholders need fast and direct access to actionable insights on flood risk.

How can GeoSmart help?

Geosmart provides data driven insights to the industry which are powered by our FloodSmart Analytics tool.

GeoSmart has developed flood maps (hyperlink to new Flooding From All Sources page) which have been analysed to quantify flood risk for every property in Great Britain for now and in the future under climate change.

GeoSmart data can support day-to-day operations essential for understanding and avoiding flood risks. Our data can be used to inform risk selection, to calculate pricing for flood risk premiums, for managing spatial risk accumulations, and for informing ceding decisions to FloodRE.

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Environmental Reports provided.
3 million+
UK property transactions used GeoSmart data.
Utility and Public Service Providers used GeoSmart data.
Value of properties advised on flood risk
“The service for a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Study was excellent, fast and efficient! GeoSmart were willing to assist despite the extremely tight timescale to work with. We will definitely consider using your services again”

Craig Roberts

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