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Sewer flooding

Groundwater Sewer Infiltration Flood Forecasting

The UK’s first early warning system for sewer flooding due to groundwater inundation for the water industry.

As our climate changes, so do threats from flooding to where we live, work and run essential services. Groundwater flooding has been the least understood risk – until now. We have launched GWSewerFlood to help you plan and take action to safeguard property and ensure continuity of essential services.

Combining 50 years of borehole data, hydrogeological expertise and live telemetry feeds, our unique modelling tracks actual borehole levels, weather forecasts and maps risk predictions up to 90 days in advance.


  • Advanced warning of groundwater flood risks enables smarter resilience planning
  • Provides critical answers on when and how long flooding could occur
  • Bespoke mapping and reporting places your assets in the context of the likely future risk
  • Technical support and expert analysis from in-house hydrogeologists delivers targeted advice for your management response

For more information on our unique GWSewerFlood contact us today.