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September 2018

GeoSmart Extends Groundwater Flood Forecast Service to Flood Forecasting Centre for 3 More Years

GeoSmart Information, the innovative environmental reports and data business, has announced that it has agreed a new contract to provide the Flood Forecasting Centre with groundwater flood forecast alerts through to Winter 2020/2021. The Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC), a partnership […]
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What is a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Risk Assessment?

Contaminated land contains substances that are actually or potentially hazardous to health or the environment. A contaminated land risk assessment is used to evaluate the potential for these to substances to cause harm or damage, consider the level of risk […]
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What are the Stages of a Contaminated Land Risk Assessment?

Contaminated land risk assessment generally follows a phased approach. The investigation and remediation process is usually split into four separate phases or stages: Phase 1 – Desk Study and Site Survey A preliminary risk assessment is required to obtain a […]
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