GeoSmart lauches new CPD on the risks of Flooding to property portfolios

GeoSmart Information is launching a new CPD on Climate Change and Flooding, and what it means for portfolios within the insurance and finance space.

Commercial property is at significantly higher risk of flooding due to climate change within the next 30 years. Those managing risk across a portfolio of commercial assets, such as Asset Managers, need a better understanding of the risks across the UK.

The CPD will offer a thorough explanation of flood risk in the UK, covering its four primary sources and the impact of climate change on exacerbating these risks, particularly on commercial property assets.

It discusses strategies for Asset Managers to effectively mitigate and manage flood risk while underlining its importance in ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable investment decision-making.

Join us for our first broadcast of this CPD Webinar on April 16th, 2024.

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This CPD will cover:

  • Flood risk in the UK – Overview of flooding and the 4 different sources of flood.
  • Climate change scenarios – How these pathways are forecast.
  • Impacts on commercial property assets – What could potentially happen to the asset value.
  • Options for asset managers – What to do with assets at high risk from flood.
  • How flood risk is key for ESG reporting – Guidance on standards and reporting.