Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Every CPD topic we provide has been produced with property professionals in mind: developers, planners, architects – anyone involved in the process of property management, development and planning. They cover a range of environmental factors that should be considered when developing a Site.

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Safeguarding Returns: Climate-Driven Flood Risk Management for Asset Managers – 2nd July 2024

CPD Topics

Understanding Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

This session introduces the principles of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) including what they are, how they work and why they’re needed. It also provides an overview of the guidance regarding SuDS, how it could affect property developments and the help that is available for implementing SuDS.

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Contaminated Land – Impacts and Implications on Property and Development

This session introduces what is meant by contaminated land, the legislative background and how this can impact property development and site acquisition. It also examines planning conditions and the help that is available in response to them.

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Flood Risk Assessments – A Guide for Property Professionals

This session introduces the different sources of flooding (including groundwater), the risks to development and what can be done, catchment management, what FRAs are and how to discharge flood related planning conditions.

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Environmental Information for Masterplanning

This session introduces the different environmental constraints and opportunities that may be associated with site acquisition and the masterplanning process. It also reviews how integrating environmental data into the masterplanning process across all disciplines will encourage creative thinking to test the range of potential options to take the scheme forward.

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Groundwater Flood Risk and Basement Impact Assessments

This session aims to advise property professionals on what groundwater flooding is, how it differs from other sources of flooding, and how it can affect development, specifically basement developments. It discusses why groundwater flooding is important to consider and the mechanisms of groundwater flooding. Basement developments are then discussed, specifically in relation to Basement Impact Assessments, a document often required as part of development.

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Martin Lucass

Martin is a chartered geologist and experienced senior environmental consultant who is responsible for the Environmental Reports sales at GeoSmart.

Since his acquisition of an MSc in Hydrogeology, Martin has developed a wealth of technical expertise and experience in contaminated land, hydrogeology and project management, groundwater, geotechnics and more.

James Robinson

Jim initially joined GeoSmart as an Environmental Consultant with a BSc (Hons) in Geography. Since then, he has expanded his technical knowledge and responsibilities and is now a Senior Consultant.

Jim specialises in flood risk and sustainable drainage and has worked with a variety of clients from Local Authorities to large development companies.