These can be  incorporated into GIS and land mapping systems in-house, as part of the preparation of development or infrastructure schemes for planning submission.

As a BGS data reseller, the full range of available datasets, at highly competitive prices, are as follows:

LondonEarthBGSCivils Foundation ConditionsGeoSure Landslides
BGS Geology 10kBGSCivils StrengthGeoSure Running Sands
BGS Geology 250kBGSCivils Sulfate/Sulfide PotentialGeoSure Soluble Rocks
BGS Geology 50kResistivityGeoSure Shrink Swell
BGS Geology SDTMAquifer DesignationRadon potential
Single Onshore Boreholes Index (SOBI)Groundwater Vulnerability (England)BGS MineralResources
Soil Parent Material Model (SPMM)Groundwater Vulnerability (Wales)BritPitsFull
BGSCivils Bundle (8 layers)HydroScotlandHistoric Mineral Planning Permission Data
BGSCivils BulkingVolBGS Mining (non-coal)BGS Coastal Vulnerability
BGSCivils DiscontinuitiesBGS Coastal VulnerabilityBRITPITS
BGSCivils Engineering FillGeoSure AllMineral Resources
BGSCivils ExcavatabilityGeoSure Collapsible Deposits
BGSCivils Ferrous CorrosivityGeoSure Compressible Ground

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UK property transactions used GeoSmart data.
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