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Understand your Environment, Manage your Risk.

GeoSmart Information was formed in 2013 with team members from leading independent scientific environmental consultancies specialising in water, land and sustainable development. We focus on providing the best quality and value environmental reports and data to support property professionals and asset managers in their planning applications and property transactions.

We value the quality of all that we do as critically important and our team is goal oriented

Environmental Reports provided.
3 million+
UK property transactions used GeoSmart data.
Utility and Public Service Providers used GeoSmart data.
Value of properties advised on flood risk

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Ensuring that all development is sustainable

Our environmental information supports early intervention and is the foundation for successful and sustainable development. Our mission is to make the information required for Sustainable Development, affordable, accessible and accurate for our customers and future generations taking Climate Change into consideration.

We deliver innovation and expertise in environmental data and intelligence services to support Property Professionals, Local Authorities, Lenders, Insurers and Asset Managers.

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