Who is it for?

Our Advice service is set up to allow you to speak to an expert about potential environmental risks at your business, property or site.

GeoSmart are tech partners of the Royal Chartered Institution of Surveyors (RICS) who provide guidance on environmental risks to surveyors.

Our expert consultants can advise business owners, developers, homeowners and solicitors on potential environmental risks and opportunities.

What does it involve?

Our professional team evaluate environmental risks and opportunities using our unique in-house data sets developed by environmental experts.

Data is summarised in a short technical report and shared with you before a phone appointment or online meeting where we discuss our findings. Mitigation measures and further recommendations are proposed.

If the property is identified at risk or has suffered from flooding, a range of mitigation options are available.

Our clients are aware that asset value is affected by environmental risk; an important consideration when taking a loan, mortgage or planning for future equity release.

We can advise on the risk of:

  • Contaminated Land
  • Flood Risk
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Groundwater Flood Risk

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated team of experts will undertake an initial review of your Site to confirm environmental constraints, including contaminated land, flood risk and drainage, using geological mapping and other environmental datasets.

Our findings will be presented in a brief report, and you will also have the option to discuss the results and any further recommendations with a consultant.

GeoSmart can provide more detailed reports on several environmental risk factors through our Environmental Reports.

We can also recommend suppliers and associate organisations for further work that we cannot undertake such as on-site Investigation.

You can give us a call, send us an email or fill in your details on our Contact Us page.

This does not commit you to making any payment at this stage. Once we have received your enquiry, we will get back to you by phone to check your details, discuss your Site, respond to any queries you may have, confirm the price of the service(s) you are interested in, and to confirm whether you wish to proceed.

If you wish to proceed, we can then send you a formal confirmation document and take payment. Once your payment is processed and required information received, we can start work straight away.

As much information as possible on your Site! As a minimum though we require:

  • Site address.
  • Site location plan with a red line boundary.
  • Which (if any) environmental factor you are most concerned about e.g. flood risk.
  • Why you need our services e.g. insurance purposes.
  • Your details (name, email address, phone number).

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Environmental Reports provided.
3 million+
UK property transactions used GeoSmart data.
Utility and Public Service Providers used GeoSmart data.
Value of properties advised on flood risk
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