GeoSmart celebrates promotion of two team members

GeoSmart Information has announced the well-deserved promotions of two of its long-standing team members.

Jessica Bayliff has been promoted to the role of Principal Consultant, recognising her exceptional contributions to the company over the years. With this promotion, Jessica also takes on the role of Operations Manager, highlighting her leadership capabilities and dedication to driving the company’s success.

Paul Ellis, GeoSmart’s managing director, said:

“I am very pleased that Jess has stepped up to take on this additional responsibility and I am sure we will all support her in this new role. Jess has seen the evolution of GeoSmart from the early days and has been a key part of our success. I am certain that Jess will excel in her mission to supervise the expansion of our consultancy team which will also mean additional responsibilities for the rest of the team.”

Similarly, James Robinson has been promoted to Senior Consultant, reflecting his hardwork and expertise. Paul added:

“I am extremely proud of Jess and Jim and how their roles and responsibilities have progressed over the past several years. The operations team rely on their hard work and dedication, and they are a prime example of GeoSmart’s commitment to rewarding valuable team members.”

We take pride in the accomplishments of both Jess and Jim and look forward to celebrating their continued growth and development.