Groundwater Flood Risk Assessment: Site Acquisition

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We undertook a FloodSmart GW Plus Report in 5 working days allowing informed decisions to be made regarding the acquisition of a site and groundwater flood risk liabilities.

The potential site risks were identified and qualified through the formation of a preliminary risk assessment and supporting conceptual model. The risk was found to be moderate to high, and recommendations were made for an additional site specific investigation in order to better inform the potential owner of any liabilities associated with the purchase.

We were commissioned by a private individual after a high potential risk of groundwater flooding was identified within 25 metres from the site by an initial third party screening report.

The objective of this report was to provide clarification of the likely risk of groundwater flooding at the site itself in order to provide peace of mind for the potential site purchase.

Data was collected for the site and surrounding area to provide information for the formation of a conceptual model. In particular, local groundwater levels and topography were assessed to provide an indication of the depth to groundwater at the site. Flooding history showed that no reported flooding of any type has occurred in the vicinity of the site.

We classified the risk at the site as moderate to high and information was provided on the likely cause of any flooding which was attributed to the permeable bedrock.

Recommendations were made for an additional site specific investigation should the individual wish to progress with the purchase and the client was therefore better informed about whether any further action would be required.