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Flood Risk and Climate Change: Developers Must Respond to Greater Uncertainty

The Met Office has provided its first major update on climate change in almost 10 years, warning of significant increases in rainfall, flood risk and coastal sea level rise in the decades ahead. This stark warning means planning authorities and […]
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GeoSmart partners with Centremaps to offer unique range of environmental reports and data to support sustainable development

GeoSmart Information, the innovative environmental reports, data and services provider, has teamed up with Centremaps, to provide flooding and drainage data on its geospatial portal. The portal, called CentremapsLive, offers architects and planning consultants Ordnance Survey MasterMap extracts, aerial imagery, […]
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Climate Change and UK Infrastructure: “A Cascade of Risks”

In a 2,000-page report, the Climate Change Committee outlines clearly that the UK is ill-prepared for the impact of long term climate change on our communities. Critical infrastructure could be destroyed by flooding, while soil quality will deplete through poor, […]
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Castle Debate: Agriculture and Climate Change – Impacts and Solutions

GeoSmart was once again was proud to support another in a fascinating series of Castle Debates – this time on the uneasy relationship between agriculture and climate change. Farming generates greenhouse gases throughout its supply chain, yet it received little […]
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Flood zones explained

The Environment Agency (EA) has devised a set of flood zones for guidance by developers, councils and communities to explain the probability of river and sea flooding, ignoring the presence of flood defences. Flood zones are shown on the EA’s […]
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House of Lords urge more proactive SuDS guidance

In the second of two consecutive blogs, we summarise the key outputs from the House of Lords National Policy for the Built Environment Committee meeting. Turning to the impact of climate change, the committee was fully behind the need for […]
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Castle Debates: Meeting the need for more housing without environmental damage

We were delighted to support and speak at the latest Castle Debates event, held at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) head office in Parliament Square. The debate focused on the supply and demand for housing, issues and innovations […]
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Making our nation more flood resilient

Innovation Director, Paul Ellis, attended a Public Policy Exchange conference last week looking at designing effective flood strategies and solutions for our communities. His observations show that, as a nation, we are some way off co-ordinating an effective and holistic […]
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Cumbria floods: precarious communities need more holistic flood management

Last weekend’s floods across Cumbria and the Borders served as another reminder, if one were needed, that climate change is driving ever more extreme weather patterns to our shores. Our flood resilience was sorely tested and lessons on better modelling […]
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Understanding climate change

Climate change data Significant fluctuations in natural climatic conditions occur over time as evidenced by the geological record and Antarctic ice cores which show a range of -10 C to +6 C over the last 800,000 years relative to current […]
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