GeoSmart Information named flood data supplier for Martello’s innovative conveyancing reporting tool

GeoSmart is proud to have collaborated with Martello (formerly MyNestBox), to provide flood data for their newly launched Martello Residential Environmental Search Report, a revolutionary conveyancing reporting tool.

To streamline conveyancing searches and simplify the home-buying process, Martello offers interactive reports with an instant HTML link. These reports can be viewed and shared on the same day they are generated, which means that the search process is both dynamic and digital, with no delays.

The search covers all the relevant components typically included in an environmental report, such as contaminated land, flooding, radon, and more. However, what distinguishes this tool is its exceptional clarity, conciseness, and user-friendly structure that provides transparent property mapping and insightful commentary for each section.

The data is accessible through an API, eliminating the need for manual copy-pasting from traditional PDFs when populating client reports. Additionally, the standard form remains accessible for compliance, auditing, and client distribution purposes.

Furthermore, the reports are designed to be easily refreshed. If searches are nearing expiration, the environmental report can be updated at any time prior to the exchange, ensuring no additional costs for the client.

Dr Henry Crosby, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Martello, said:

“Having the best data in the market is crucial. We are now the only environmental provider offering such advanced insights. This partnership enables us to refine our analysis, reducing the incidence of inaccurately failed reports. This is particularly significant in light of the Law Society’s recent guidance on climate change, where flooding is a key concern.”

To book a demo or sign up, visit the Martello website.