GeoSmart talks to The Sunday Times about the soggiest February on record

GeoSmart Information’s Managing Director, Dr. Paul Ellis, recently spoke to Katie Gatens of The Sunday Times about the wettest February on record.

With the wettest winter in 130 years, the UK is battling floodwaters.

“We knew back in October things were bad,” says Ellis. “We were seeing groundwater at levels they shouldn’t have been at until January — and it’s only rained more since then.”

Ellis advises not packing away your wellies just yet either. “We will need several weeks of dry weather for groundwater levels and soil moisture to drop. It could be well into April, when the plants start growing, that things really start to dry out. We forecast groundwater levels are likely to remain high until the end of March.”

GeoSmart warned of of groundwater flooding across several parts of the country back in November last year, months earlier than expected, due to many boreholes and aquifers presenting as unusually high.

GeoSmart’s groundwater flood and drought forecasting service uses groundwater models, borehole monitoring telemetry and weather forecasts to predict risks and provide advanced warnings to clients in the water management sector.