Phase 1 Desk Study for a Former Public House

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We undertook a EnviroSmart Report to address the requirements for a pre-planning application for a proposed development of a former public house into a nursing care facility.

Potential risks to controlled waters and future users of the site were identified and qualified through the formation of the Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment.

Consultation with the Local Authority proved important to the risk assessment as they held both additional formal and anecdotal information regarding known pollution incidents at the site. Our recommendation was in line with the Local Authority’s expectation that further investigation was required.

A planning application for the redevelopment of a commercial property to a residential use is considered a change to a more sensitive end-use and thus likely to require a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Desk Study Report in order to satisfy the local planning authority.A study was undertaken to address contamination risks associated with the redevelopment of this former public house. The report included a breakdown of potential sources of contamination that could exist (including pollution incidents, licences and permits) and the development of a conceptual model which assessed the source – pathway – receptor linkages at the site.

The regulator was most concerned with known fly-tipping at the site and the impact to underlying ground (soils and hardstanding) with the potential associated risks to human health of future site users.

Consultation over the phone provided an essential insight to potential issues associated with the site that were unavailable through the purchase of environmental data.

In addition, historical mapping showed numerous stages of development at the site over time and given the age of the development it was presumed likely that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were present at the site.

We were able to provide a clear risk rating and appropriate guidance for further work that was in line with the recommendations provided by the local authority.

Client Benefit

We provided the most cost effective approach for the client and delivered a report that presented the issues relating to the site clearly and with equally clear recommendations.

Our report was accepted by the Local Authority as understanding and addressing the potential issues and the client was in a position to develop the site with minimum delay.