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GeoSmart Data


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GeoSmart Data

Unique, market leading data for property professionals to understand groundwater flood risk and drainage on site.

We need more land for development to meet population demand. Climate change requires house builders, architects and planners to think about where and how to make development more sustainable. They also need to account for changing ground conditions, including the hidden effects of groundwater flooding and the need for more sustainable drainage within new projects and planning approval processes.

Developers, insurers and local authorities need to be clear on ground conditions ahead of work, so that risks and additional costs are clearly identified.

Insurers and lenders are increasingly concerned about risk exposure due to climate change and the effect of flooding and subsidence on property assets.

Our data product range provides answers to all of these key risk management issues. We already provide guidance for many hundreds of thousands of property transactions a year, adding value and clarity to service providers and their clients.


  • A range of groundwater flood risk data products to suit information and format needs
  • Market leading 5m resolution groundwater data delivers unsurpassed clarity at a property specific level
  • Unique SuDS feasibility data shows potential for soil infiltration on site to meet local planning rules
  • Developers and local authorities can screen sites and portfolios for risks as part of cost appraisals, scheme design and planning requirements
  • Land owners and solicitors gain a full assessment of issues ahead of completion or project start

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