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Flood Risk Portfolio

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Flood Risk Assessments covering a portfolio of multiple sites

The Portfolio Screening Report is designed to ensure that all potential flood risks at multiple sites have been considered so that appropriate resilience/mitigation measures can be recommended where potential impacts are identified and insurance obtained.

An experienced GeoSmart consultant will undertake a review of each Site to confirm the impacts of flood risk, and to ensure these are limited to operational areas.

The asset risk report provides a classification of the flood risk plus clear and pragmatic advice regarding the nature and potential significance of flood hazards which may be present.

The report is intended for Asset Managers and Risk Managers which can be used to assess the risk posed to properties and buildings.

Data from the Environment Agency (EA), Natural Resources Wales and SEPA is used alongside commercial datasets including GeoSmart’s own groundwater flood risk map in the analysis. We can include additional data sets to customise the analyses and report to suit

Updates are available to support annual portfolio managers risk assessment and business plan using the latest data, which is useful given the regular changes in the Environment Agency modelled flood outlines. This could result in a property being classed at higher risk or land having a lower risk and becoming available for development.

If the screening identifies assets at high risk of flooding and requires a more detailed assessment, our FloodSmart Plus and Pro reports provide complex flood risk analysis, detailing alternative options and designs.

Key questions answered

  • What is the risk of fluvial or storm-surge flooding, not accounting for existing flood defences?
  • What is the risk of fluvial or storm-surge flooding, accounting for existing flood defences?
  • What is the level of surface water flood risk?
  • Are there records of historic flood incidents at the asset?
  • What types of flooding have occurred historically?
  • Does the site fall within an Aquifer/Groundwater Protection Zone?
  • What is the groundwater flood risk at the asset?


  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience.
  • Defined workflow based on projects with professionals in the insurance industry assessing flood risk for the insurance industry
  • Reports are used in business plans and asset reviews
  • Low cost / fixed price


  • Easy-to-read format using a visual ‘traffic light’ risk rating
  • Well presented, conclusive and concise report
  • Provides a review of available flooding data
  • Clear recommendations provided
  • Potential to customise dependent on clients attitude to risk based on flooding source, depth and site coverage

Contact us for information on further Flood Risk Assessment services including:

  • Flood Evacuation Plan
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Site Walkover
  • Sequential Test
  • Detailed flood modelling

Technical Information

  • Assessment of risk from fluvial, pluvial and groundwater water flooding
  • Commercial datasets used for increased confidence
  • Review of historic flooding events
  • Comments on flood resistance and resilience measures


Reports based on:

  • Site location plans are available
  • Site walkover survey is not required
  • Advance payment is made

If your site doesn’t fit these assumptions or you require a site walkover survey, we can still assist but please do get in touch as one of our other packages may suit you better.

Delivery and Turnaround

Typically 10 working days

Premium delivery available if report is urgent

Report will be sent in electronic format as a .pdf file straight to your inbox

Hard copies available at an additional cost