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SuDSmart Reports - Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)


Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) Reports

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SuDS evaluation maps and summary


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SuDS maps and summary
Run-off amount
Preliminary assessment


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SuDS maps and summary
Run-off amount
Preliminary assessment
SuDS strategy

Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) Reports

The SuDSmart Report range assesses which drainage options are appropriate for a Site. They build on technical detail starting from evaluation maps and infiltration screening, and work up to more complex SuDS Assessments detailing alternative options and strategy.

Sustainable Drainage Systems are a primary design principle for all new developments to manage the drainage of surface water at a site.

As of 6 April 2015, SuDS are required for all new developments in England within areas affected by flood and for all major developments outside those areas.

SuDSmart Reports support lawyers, developers and regulators during the early stages of planning, in creating and evaluating appropriate drainage options for a Site.

GeoSmart’s SuDS Infiltration Map focuses on a site’s infiltration suitability (low, moderate, high) on a 50m resolution grid. This forms the basis of our SuDSmart Report range, providing total confidence from the early conceptual design stage through to initial master planning and design.

Each report includes the relevant guidance and best practice required for planning applications in the UK.

We’ve made choosing the right report for you as simple as possible by offering a tiered report range.

Reports based on:

  • Site is equal to a single residential/small commercial building footprint
  • Site location plan and postcode is available
  • Site walkover survey is not required
  • Detailed design not required
  • Advance payment is made

If your site doesn’t fit these assumptions or you require more detailed assessment, we can still assist but please do get in touch as one of our other packages may suit you better.


  • Based on GeoSmart’s innovative SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50)
  • Well presented, conclusive and concise report
  • Presented in an easy-to-read format using a visual ‘traffic light’ risk rating
  • All Reports include a comprehensive data set for Site evaluation
  • Plus and Pro Reports provide runoff volumes and flows for initial design and discussion with the regulator
  • Pro Report provides an outline SuDS strategy
  • Clear recommendations provided


  • Produced by specialist hydrologists with over 15 years’ experience.
  • Our consultants have built a great working relationship with Environment Agency and Local Authority Officers across the UK.
  • Reports are widely accepted in support of planning applications and insurance.
  • Quick turnaround options available
  • Low cost / fixed price

SuDSmart FAQs

Who are SuDS reports are intended for?

  • House builders and developers
  • Property professionals such as architects, planning consultants, and land agents
  • Private individuals
  • Businesses
  • Insurance brokers and lenders

Why is a SuDS Report required?

  • Validating planning applications at Pre-Planning Stage
  • Planning Conditions
  • Building and flood mitigation design
  • Due diligence
  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • SuDS approval boards (SABs)
  • Lending, mortgages, and pension funds

How do I know what Level of SuDS Report I need?

For initial screening at the conceptual design stage a SuDSmart or SuDSmart Plus Reports typically support developers and regulators with infiltration drainage advice. This is the preferred method for managing surface water without increasing flood risk downstream. When infiltration drainage cannot be undertaken at a site due to the underlying ground conditions, other more conventional drainage systems are introduced in our SuDSmart Pro Report (Note: infiltration drainage techniques are also considered when possible).

What does a SuDSmart Pro Report contain?

SuDSmart Pro Reports analyse the potential run-off from a site so that it can be managed effectively to ensure there is no increase in flood risk on or off the site. Post development run-off rates are assessed for a range of storm events including an allowance for future climate change. A drainage strategy is developed to offset the increase in surface water run-off from the new development using the principles of SuDS and the code for sustainable homes. The hydrological context of the site is assessed, along with any potential issues that may affect the SuDS system. A range of potential options are assessed including discharge to the ground, surface water courses or sewerage. The report provides sizes and flow rates for a range of sustainable drainage options that may be considered.

Will my report satisfy the Local Planning Office or LLFA?

SuDSmart Reports can be used to support a planning application at Pre-Planning Stage, or alternatively address a Planning Condition prior to planning being granted. SuDSmart and SuDSmart Plus Reports provide a cursory look at infiltration SuDS which is the preferred method for managing surface water. Whether infiltration techniques are feasible or not will determine the suitability of other SuDS schemes going forward. The level of detail required depends on the specific requirements of your local authority.

You should note that our most detailed report, SuDSmart Pro provides alternative options and preliminary scheme layouts that should be subject to more detailed review at the master planning stage. In our experience, this level of detail is required for more stringent planning authorities or for more complex sites that warrant more detailed assessment.

How do I know what to do next?

All SuDSmart reports include recommendations for next steps. We will always advise on the most cost effective way to move forward and provide details of how to do this whilst meeting in the needs of the planning department.

What if the Local Authority or LLFA request further information to support my application?

GeoSmart are able to provide access to a range of highly experienced senior consultants and engineers through our sister company ESI Ltd., who can provide a more detailed review of your site specifics and planning requirements. ESI also provide soakaway/infiltration testing services and interpretive data review. Please contact a member of the GeoSmart team to put you in touch with ESI when further detailed assessment is required.

What is GeoSmart’s SuDS Infiltration Map (SD50)?

The GeoSmart SD50 map provides an assessment of the capacity of the ground to receive infiltration depending on the nature, thickness and permeability of the underlying material and the depth to the high groundwater table.

  • Allows preliminary assessment of the site without the need for bespoke SuDS design.
  • Use in conjunction with the SuDSmart report range to identify SuDS infiltration suitability and flow/volume design data.
  • Combination may be sufficient to obtain outline planning.
  • Provides customers with clear site risk profile on drainage cost and land area needed.

To discuss the SD50 SuDS screening map and how it can improve your planning submission for your client, contact us today.

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