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Severn Trent Completes Groundwater Sewer Flooding Prevention Works with Innovative Technology

Severn Trent Water has just completed a £1.4 million scheme in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire to alleviate groundwater flooding issues impacting on the sewer system in the local area.    A total of 1.4km of pipe was renovated, together with new tank […]
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Wessex Water using GeoSmart Data for New Development Assessments

We are pleased to report that GeoSmart has delivered groundwater and soil infiltration data layers to Wessex Water as part of their new development connection assessments. As developers approach the West Country water company, there is a need to assess […]
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Basement Groundwater Flood Risk: Key issue for London Planning Applications

Recent research by Newcastle University has revealed the dramatic increase in planning applications for basement developments in West London. But could these huge investments be affected by growing groundwater flooding risk in the future? From 2008 to 2017, some 4,650 […]
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GeoSmart adds Ambiental data to enhance its Flood Risk Assessments

Unique combination raises the bar on flood risk assessment, providing unparalleled peace of mind for property professionals. We have teamed up with flood risk experts, Ambiental to add the latest iteration of their ultra high resolution UKFloodMap™ dataset across all […]
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Groundwater flooding and infrastructure – up to a 1/4 of critical sites at risk

Last week, we revealed the hidden cost of groundwater to the English economy in terms of damage to property – some £530million a year. Groundwater flooding impacts an estimated 424,000 properties, many of them who are households unaware of the […]
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GeoSmart reveals extent of groundwater flood risk to property

The environmental reports and data specialist explains how groundwater flooding causes more damage to property, but is the least understood. GeoSmart Information has launched an important new guide that shows the threat from groundwater flooding and how England’s property and […]
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Landmark Information Group enhance flood risk analysis with GeoSmart’s 5m groundwater dataset

The leading environmental data provider continues its successful partnership to provide improved insight for property professionals and consultants. GeoSmart Information and Landmark Information Group have signed a new agreement to offer more detail on groundwater flood risk at the individual […]
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GeoSmart launches ground-breaking 5 metre Groundwater Flood Risk Map

With groundwater flood damage currently costing the UK economy £210 million a year, GeoSmart Information, a leading provider of desktop reports, data and services for property, has addressed the issue head-on by launching a new 5 metre Groundwater Flood Risk […]
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Understanding groundwater flood risk

What is groundwater flooding? Groundwater flooding occurs when sub-surface water emerges from the ground at the surface or into Made Ground and structures. This may be as a result of persistent rainfall that recharges aquifers until they are full; or […]
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